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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pizza night

The other night since the hubby was out, I decided to have pizza. I did California Pizza Kitchen thin crust personal margarita pizza and it was quite tasty. Not, terribly filling, but when you add wine, it wasn’t too bad. Have to admit that it came from a box (this turned out to be a no cook weekend) but it got me thinking about my favorite pizza toppings.

With the news that Pies and Pints will open a new location in Charleston on Capitol Street, and Lola's becoming busier than ever, the pizza trend seems to be getting bigger. We probably have pizza one or two times a month. And pepperoni isn’t this only topping that people are craving these days. A look at Pies and Pints menu on their website reveals such toppings as coconut Thai curry with shrimp, pulled pork and jalapenos, and even a grape pie with gorgonzola! It seems anything can go onto a pizza these days, even salads are making an appearance.

Lola's pizza seems to be the place to go for people in Charleston when a pizza craving and a gourmet craving hits at the same time. It is a little pricier than your average pizza, but it my opinion, well worth it. If you have never tried the prosciutto and pineapple with gorgonzola, you are really missing out. AMAZING. Also, the spinach and feta drizzled with balsamic reduction is to die for as well. These topping really just highlight what every really spectacular pizza should have....a great crust. Thin enough to be crispy and nicely browned along the bottom and edges with enough heft as to not taste like a cracker. Great, now I'm salivating...

Anyway, when I make pizza at home, I usually go with the Pillsbury roll out dough from a can. It bakes up very flaky and crispy and is super tasty. Turkey pepperoni, fresh basil (if I have it), and fresh grated mozzarella are my toppings of choice, especially when the hubby is home. If we are ordering delivery, he will venture to the meat-za pizza on occasion, but that’s about how adventurous he will go when it comes to pizza. My absolute favorite would be the Honolulu Hawaiian from Dominos with onions added. Comes with roasted red peppers, ham, bacon and a cheesy crust. Yum.

Another great option for cooking pizza at home is to use Flat Out (or another brand) flatbread. This does best when baked for 7 minutes then adding your topping on. Canned pineapple didn’t really work for this recipe because of the moisture content, but olives, sauce, pepperoni and mozzarella work great for this. I usually make 2 and cut into 4 to 6 pieces each. Great quick pizza meal for a night when you are cooking for yourself.

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