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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Road to Perfection

After a few months off, I've decided that it was time for a new post.
Have you ever been out to eat and something was described as "seared to perfection"? Doesn't always have to say seared.  I've seen caramelized, browned, sauced, cooked AND flavored.  Does this " perfection" crap really mean ANYTHING?  Isn't perfection, especially when it comes to a certain foods ability to please, up to the diner?  I have never heard ANYONE say, "Try this Limburger, it smells like gym socks to perfection." Yet, isn't that what makes it perfect to begin with?  Amazing food should have the ability to speak for itself.
Here are a few of my other dining related pet peeves:
  • empty water glasses accumulating on the table (and if that water was served without ice, lemon and a straw....grrrr don't even get me started)
  • a lack of fresh napkins while eating wings (or anything eaten with your fingers)
  • hovering waitstaff (or MIA when said water glass is empty)
  • questioning my additions of sauces or condiments (anyone who knows me can tell you I'm a dipper)
I really am easy to please at a restaurant.  As a dining companion, I'm pretty easy going.  I am willing to try anything new and exciting as frequently as I am to sit down at a good ol' burger joint and drink some beer.  Just as long as it is good food.

I just don't like how the overuse of certain words has infiltrated our menus!  I don't want a "juicy burger, seared to perfection accompanied by crisp, farm fresh lettuce, tart, crunchy pickles and a make your mouth water tomato, served on a hot out of the oven, bakery fresh roll."  NO.  Give me a 8 oz burger, mention your toppings, tell me there are hand cut fries (PLEASE have malt vinegar for once...) and serve it with a great 22 oz. draft beer.  Oh....and don't forget the napkins.

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